Wednesday, 24 April 2013


This is a small little blog that I’m going to be using to not only show case my work but to also show work processes and giving out tips that I feel could be helpful to some people as they go into the world and show their artwork.

My name is Sarah Allen, I’m twenty-two years old and currently living in Londonderry in Northern Ireland, where my town was recently given the title of city of culture, so in such an occasion the entire city is in full swing showing the world what they have to offer.
I’m currently studying towards a degree in Creative Design Technologies, it sounds fancy but it’s just another title for Graphic Design, hopefully when I leave the University I get to leave with a piece of parchment in my hand and getting work in the big enigma called the world.

I’ve mostly been drawing Manga since I was in Primary school and continued to do so up to the age I am now.
I also make short animation from time to time and I do hope to make my own little web series some day but like all people that live on the other side of the pound I’m a little bit of a shy gal especially when it comes to showing off.

But in an age where you must market yourself and the best tools win you the job I have to try everything in my power to get noticed.

Join me in the No Talent Café as I try to get into the design industry and also helping others to make their own start.

If you have any questions or want me to investigate current designing trends then don’t be afraid to give me a buzz and I’ll tell you my own opinion be it good or bad, I strive to give an honest opinion and review on some of the current trends that people are going through.

So sit at a table and get ready to look through the menu because here in the No Talent Café I strive to give a hundred present into work, so expect some great service and order away at the No Talent Café.

Please enjoy your visit!!!

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